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  • You booked the wrong hotel for me

    Yesterday night dated July 20 , I was trying to book a night in Hilton Ras Al Khaima Resort & Spa , I usually use Hotel combined to find the best deal and unfortunately for me it is as otel.com , I proceeded with the booking and payment and when I recieved the confirmation mail , I was schoked that it was mentioning another hotel which is Hilton Ras Al Khaima Garden Inn , I called the call center for otel.com and I complained with a ticket reference number 4122275 , the call center agent was not able to assist at all , I wrote the same on there facebook page , no reply , I called the... More...
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  • Worst Ever .. Don't book with them

    This is the worst company ever dealt with in my entire life. either they are really idiots or pretend to be so. i contacted the hotel on the day of arrival and they told me the booking is made for an apartment in different building and I'm 100% sure I had chosen Hotel which is been confirmed in my account not residence there were two options there. the craziest thing that they on purpose started ignoring my chat requests and tickets because they knew there were only few hours to check in and I had no choice or non-refunded. and 1 minute after check in the other place. they replied... More...
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  • otel.com : cancelling a reservation

    We are a group of researchers that travel very often to conferences and meetings in Europe and North America. I never knew about otel.com before, and my REAL mistake is that i didn't check the reviews on this bargain site online. Definitely, I wouldn't have gone through them. Alas, it was not the case. I trusted trivago in this case (which is another mistake).. I made a reservation through them for a hotel in Portugal. Due to miss-communication with our advisor, I found that a room has already been reserved for me. I think that people at otel.com might think that I found a better... More...
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  • Otel.com: The worst ever!

    I made a booking to El Cortez hotel in Las Vegas from from 17th - August 1st 2015 (15 nights) through otel.com, which charged my credit card for the whole period (it took them a few minutes to do that!). During the booking process nothing was mentioned regarding a resort fee that must be paid at the hotel separately. Only when I received the reservation voucher [O1-15132895] that I came to learn about this so-called resort fee. When I arrived at the hotel after a long exhausting flight from Egypt (almost 24 hours) to Las Vegas, I was told at the front desk that according to the... More...
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  • Otel.com - Fraudulent booking website.

    First - Let me say I thought I was booking with Hotel.com, not Otel.com. I used Otel.com by using a Trivago search for a hotel in NYC for Saturday, August 1, 2015. Their website had problems and while I was booking and after I booked it the receipt said the booking was for Monday, July 26!! I immediately contacted them and they told me they cannot make any changes. Any legitimate company would make the change. I contacted the Hotel directly and they have no problem if Otel.com change the dates. I have been back and forth via email all afternoon and they won't help. Thankfully my... More...
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  • otel.com provided fraud en hotel info and refused to refund payment

    My girlfriend and I booked a hotel which appeared to be in Yosemite national park both at otel.com and on the confirmation page after having booked the hotel at otel.com. When we were to go to the hotel the day after it appeared that the hotel was in fact two hours outside of Yosemite and we naturally could not use the hotel. When discovering that the booking was made as the result of a mistake on otel.com's site, we went ahead and called the hotel and cancelled our booking. They conformed that the cancellation of the booking would result in no payments being made to them. We... More...
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  • Misquiding: surprice extra charge of 500 Euro

    We booked a 6 day holiday in Turkey and paid it fully in advance On arrival we were presented with an addiditional charge of EUR 500. There was u mistake between Otel.com and the hotel. It seemed that childers were booked on an age of 0-years. The hotel told us they had several of these occasions with otel.com. Trying to contact Otel.com to clear up the mater was impposible. No answers, no respons, no service. Even afterwards making a compliant is impossible. Margo Dalebout Holland More...
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  • To spell it out Don'Tuse OTEL.com

    I booked a hotel in Sevilla (Spain) last night after spending some time comparing prices with other sites. As it happened Otel.com was the cheapest and had a very attractive price for breakfast included so I chose that option. Shortly afterwards I received a confirmation and to my horror I noticed that the booking said for hotel nights only - no mention of breakfast. I immediately went to "my account " on the web link that was attached to my booking with the special password they sent me. To my horror rather than see my name I saw all the details for some Russian man! I assure... More...
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    COMPLAINT NOTICE THIS NOTICE WOULD BE SEND TO THE CONSUMER COURT IF CONFIRMATION NOT MADE UNDER 24HRS When I called the hotel in September to cross confirm my booking I was informed that my booking was not confirmed because they have some issue with the prices provided by you to me. I say that due to your internal disputes which is none of my concern I am going through extreme mental harassment and embarrasment. Further my business is getting affected resulting into loss of profits due to the non-confirmation of my hotel booking from your side. I say that I have already booked my... More...
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  • Cancellation policy borders on FRAUD

    Otel.com%u2019s 'cancellation policy' is going to run them out of business, as I will never again, and will advise all my friends, not to use otel.com, for the following reasons: %u2022 When searching for a hotel, your policy does not appear on the page but one has to dig for it under "Customer Service" and only by Searching for "cancellation policy" %u2022 Even then, the visitor is left in ambiguity: What is your cancellation policy? We don't have a cancellation policy, but the hotel you booked does. You'll see their policy on the hotel's... More...
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  • not recommended.

    Very angry with this company. Booked and payed for hotel in peebles scotland for one night only as attending a wedding in that area. The hotel had no such reservation and can not contact Otel.com to get answers, or worse still my money back. Several emails sent and telephones either unanswered or on hold by over 20 mins. Please think very carefully if offers come up with this hotel booking site. More...
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  • wrong Hotel

    We arrived on 21.8. in Venice to Hotel Ca Malipiero and we were transfered in another hotel Ca`Formosa. We serched in the internet for one week to find an hotel what we like and got an hotel we dont like!!! This is not a hotel-roulet!so we require an refund for this trip to venice for a HOTEL we lived two days 21.-23.08.2014 we have NOT booked. More...
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  • Otel.com Ruined My Vacation

    I booked a hotel through Otel.com for Amsterdam, my credit card was charged and I received a confirmation from them. When I arrived at the hotel, they could not find my reservation and had no rooms available as it was a busy season. Apparently, Otel.com took my money, but did not actually make the reservation with the hotel.I had to book another hotel outside of the city with a much lower star rating at a much higher rate. Otel.com took no responsibility and did not try to help me book another room when I called from Amsterdam. They eventually credited me for the original booking, but... More...
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  • otel.com consumer complaint

    I really advise everybody NOT to book a hotel through otel.com. Not realizing that it was otel.com and not hotel.com, I booked a hotel with them. The 1100 $ US were immediately withdrawn from my credit card, but I did not receive any confirmation. When I contacted the hotel, they did not have any bookings in my name. When I was trying to get in touch with otel.com over the phone, I had to wait for over 30 min, until I was finally connected with a call center. The person on the other side hardly spoke any English and it was virtually impossible to communicate with her. After 3 days, I... More...
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  • Had to wait one month for refund

    Booked a hotel lwith them. Three hours before checking in I got an email NOT a phone call telling me that they could not honour this booking due to an overbooking ts this hotel. If I hadn't checked my email I would never have known. I was told my money would be refunded within 3-7 days. As it was a very expensive hotel I kept checking my bank for the refund. Eventually a week later I had to phone them. This was just the start of a tonne of calls/emails to them. Eventually after holding onto my money for a month I got it back. No compensation or anything They're not very user... More...
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  • DHR took my money after a failed booking.

    On 05/10/2013, £94.49 was took out of my account for a booking that I have received no details about. When I tried to make the booking, the website told me it was not possible, however the money has still been removed. I did not have an account with DHR and therefore received no e-mails. Yes, I have checked my junk folder. I have had to make an account in an attempt to get in touch with them. I have tried calling their '24/7' helpline, where I was placed on hold for 15 minutes, then the company ended the call. Another thing which I have now been charged for. More...
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  • otel.com cheating

    I have been cheated by otel.global by over 800 %u20AC. In December 2012 I made a reservation in Hotel fortaleza do Guincho through otel.com (metglobal) for the period June 14 %u2013 24 , 2013, six months in advance that was fully charged in my credit card and confirmed on Dec. 17 I checked in the hotel June 14, but, unfortunately, we had to check out June 17 due to illness. Since then, I have been complaining both to the hotel and otel.global to obtain the refund with poor results. They refuse to accept the cancellation policy that reads in Spanish: Point 5: IF CHECHKING OUT BEFORE THE... More...
  • Appauling srvice from Otel.com. Be careful when booking through them- very unreliable service

    Recently made a hotel booking through Otel.com to stay 4 nights at Renaissance Kuala lumpur from 21st - 25th Sept. Confirmation of booking was received and the full amount was taken from our credit card. As we were looking forward for the stay at this hotel we noticed that there has been a refund of whole amount approx 3 weeks after the initial deduction of amount by Otel.com. When checked our booking details , found out that our booking has been cancelled. Immediately we called the customer service and we were told that they cancelled our reservation as some of the details were missing.... More...
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  • Otel.com terrible customer service and site disclosure

    I%u2019m writing to report a bad experience encountered with otel.com; a site I came though as I was searching for hotels through Trivago.com. I made a reservation through otel.com about for Meritage Spa and Resort, the reservations were made with no hesitations but when my credit card was charged, I was charged by a company/web-site based out of UK (dhr.com). As far as I knew, I was making a reservation on ohtel.com%u2019s US section and had no idea that they would be dealing with dhr.com behind the scenes. Since this is a company based out of UK, I was charged an international... More...
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  • Terrible!

    Appalling! I booked a trip to San DIego a day in advance. Nowhere did it say that it was non refundable OR that there would be a cancellation charge!! I cancelled an hour later after having severe abdominal pain. Got an email the next morning that there was a late charge. SPoke to customer service and they said it was non refundable!! Wth? I am stopping payment and reporting this company to interpol!!! More...
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  • Nightmare!!

    Booked with this company for a hotel room, I paid over $800 and still no room..The hold time is ridiculous to speak with someone..They have no idea what is going on with my reservation , I would like someone that works for the company with a brain and intelligence to let me know what is going on ..Booking OT-14992797 More...
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  • otel.com nightmare!!!!!

    What an abosolute nightmare! Booked a hotel in Virginia for a great rate. Then was emailed that i needed to fax my personal id and credit card to Tokyo for verification! No possibility! It was a miracle that I was actually able to get someone on the phone; because that was the first and last time I was ever able to speak to someone on the phone. I was told that was "standard procedure" like Hell! I then got an email with a reservation for some unknow hotel on a different date that I never made! I got that straightened out, not by phone of course because no one would... More...
  • Otels.com. Scam!!!!!!

    They changed the dates on my reservation then when I called customer service they were not only extremely rude they refused to correct the issue or refund my money when the reservation was set for a month out on there behalf I reserved the room for the same day I made the reservation and when I received my confirmation email the days of the week and dates were changed. All they could say was that I agreed to the terms. --- I agreed to the terms on the dates I chose not the dates there computer switched me too... Very bad customer service. Big scam wish I would have taken a sec to read... More...
  • Couldn't honor reservation

    Two days ago, I booked a room at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas for 2 nights on June 12 thru 14. I came back to their website and couldn't find my booking. I called their customer service website and they said the provider cancelled the booking. He claimed that the rooms must not have actually been available. However, when I searched for that same hotel on those same days, the exact same rate was listed. When I complained, all they said was that the reservation couldn't be confirmed so it was cancelled. Prices look good but I guess I'm going to Travelocity. More...
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  • Otel.com SCAM

    My partner just booked a hotel room through this company. We then called the hotel and discovered there was no room reserved for us. We attempted to get a confirmation number from Otels.com on their landline. They only use a "tracking number" which of course is not recognized by the hotel. After some online research we discovered the numerous complaints against this company. We called them to cancel the transaction and received instructions. We then alerted our credit card company to remove any charges. They in turn called the Otels.com landline: first call wasn't... More...
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  • Created confusion double booked us into a hotel

    I made a booking through Trivago on 20th March at 6 am approx. I entered my credit card details so assumed this booking was confirmed. I received one email from Olotels.com at 6.42 am and two further emails at 8.47 am after I had left for work. Unbeknown to me a credit card payment had also been taken at 7.00am by Travel Republic (with no email acknowledgement) At approx 8.45 my husband received a telephone call at our home from someone saying there were three rooms left in this hotel and did I want to book. As my husband was not familiar with the details he suggested that they hold the... More...
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  • Otel.com, MetGlobal Hotel Booking Scam Alert

    Recently Booked several room with Otel.com. We found the best prices on their site to book a block of rooms, meaning we wanted several rooms for several nights. 1-day after booking the room, my bank called to verify fraudulent activity. My bank said, "Activity has been reported on your credit card in Istanbul, Turkey. Apparently there are people attempting to book rooms in Istanbul." Needless to say, we rejected the attempt and changed the card number. Because I'm an I.T. tech, I traced the source of the fraud to MetGlobal, the parent company of Otel.com. MetGlobal's... More...
  • otel.com bad customer service

    Otel.com's price is cheap compared to other sites like Expedia but then cheap means they have no customer service. I tried cancelling my reservation 4 days prior to check-in date as stated on my voucher -- HOW CAN I CANCEL IF YOU KEEP ON HUNGING UP THE PHONE?????? Now, I've been charged 100% of the total stay amount because you fail to answer my query on time!!!!!! You're blaming me of not sending an email on time??????? Where in fact it is an emergency that I need to cancel my travel plans!!!!! You are an online reservation system without any call center service??????... More...
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  • Charged my card without making a reservation for me!

    Booked hotel online - at least I thought I had until I looged onto the account to see no bookings. When I called I was told that a system error occurred and I'd be refunded. Then the line went so called back... Was then told that hotel was fully booked so I'd be refunded. Will take TWO WEEKS and any problems I have with this I need to talk to my own bank. I still have no confirmation (only telecon) that they did take money and will provide refund. Not sure if this is a booking site that occasionally scams people of a scamming site that occasionally books hotel rooms. I... More...
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  • not recieved

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I made a booking on otel.cim last night. I got too the point where it asked me to except t&a to confirm the booking. I did this and have nit recieved an email confirming my booking. I have tried ringing their uk toll free number but each time it says number does nit exist. I have also contacted them via facebook and have had no success. I travel a lot and have neve come across a company as poor as this one. You should NEVER book with thus company. More...
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